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EPIContent - Answering the Digital Dealer Dilemma


As you may know, TriMega, Independent Stationers and IOPFDA/NOPA joined forces earlier this year to create a repository of non-wholesaler supported content for the channel.  This process has been in discussion for the past few years and gained traction late last year.

Strategic Planning and Technology

We live in exciting times.  The industry we belong to continues to transform.  The recent news with Staples acquiring Office Depot does not surprise most of us.  It will create strong opportunities for many and significant challenges for others.  …

Optimizing Your Web Site – The Importance Of Internal Search

Part 1 – What is “Internal Search”?

It’s shocking that businesses optimizing a web site for business-to-business commerce don’t optimize for their own internal search! That’s often because they overlook or underestimate the role of internal search causing lost sales and opportunities. …

7 Reasons Why New Computer Systems Fail

(and how you can avoid them)

So you’re thinking about changing your computer system.  You see all the cool technical capabilities that your competitors are deploying and you feel that you’re stuck on a legacy system that doesn’t meet your current or future needs.

Technology and Content

Nobody would argue the point that technology has drastically changed our world in the past few years.  And the pace at which technology is changing is dramatic.  Ten years ago, who would have thought that our phones would have more storage and computing power than the personal computers of that day?  …

The Mobile Mindshift

It has been a busy September – the buying group’s combined EPIC conference followed up by ECI’s Connect conference kept many of you busy.   One of many common threads you can see looking around our industry is that we’re all in the midst of a total mind shift.  …

Mobile Strategy - How to Deploy in Today's Market?

Part of being in the consulting business means paying attention to different content feeds and participating in today’s marketing world, including social media.  This showed up last week:

The continuing shift of users from PCs to tablets and smartphones is a trend that will not stop.  …

What is your Company's Plan to Engage in Mobile?

As we discussed last month, the year has already seen declining PC sales as the mobile revolution continues to transform how your customers interact with the Internet – and how they interact with YOU.  …

The Mobile Revolution - Is Your Business Ready?

April 15, 2013
Thud – that’s the sound you just heard as PC sales plunged 14% in the first three months of the year according to International Data Corp (IDC).  That’s the largest decrease in sales since record keeping started two decades ago.   …

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