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Should you use an external Project Manager implementing your new system?
Managing your new system implementation and your vendor is complex - a good project manager understands YOUR business and can translate to your system vendor.

Technology Management in the Age of the Customer
Buyers are using technology to gain control over product selection and price -- the future belongs to customer-obsessed businesses

6 Essential ERP Documentation requirements
These are the essential pieces of documentation you will need to create the correct environment for a successful ERP implementation

9 Reasons Your ERP Project Was A Complete Failure
Don't make these mistakes . . .

5 Must for ERP Implementation Testing
ERP implementation testing is critical for a successful project.  Here are 5 musts to make sure that your testing is productive

You Know Your System is Outdated When . . .
You know you have been running on your current system for quite a while - but here are some tricks to knowing that your system is truly outdated

Steps For Successful ERP Discovery and Planning
Discovery is key to defining your ERP project's scope.  Without proper scope definition your project will not finish within budget and will possibly doom your project to failure.  Follow these simple steps to make the discovery processing productive

Keep Your Project On Budget!
Probably the biggest issue we face with ERP projects is maintaining budget.  It is in your best interest to properly manage your project AND your partner.  Here are some steps that will help © PTC Associates, LLC 2013