ERP Systems

We wrote the book on quality ERP systems and capabilities.  Our experience in this arena spans over two decades -- this is our life and blood.  We understand what a good ERP system can do for your company and also understand that underutilizing this important asset is a common problem.  Getting the right system and enabling its success is imperative.  

We can help you with:

  • ERP evaluation – If you’re getting ready to make the convert from your old system, understanding the complexities of system evaluation is critical.  Time and resources up front can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future.  Work with a team that understands the competitive landscape to help you make the right decision and negotiate the best agreement.
  • Contract Negotiations Once you’ve made the decision, the contract you’re going to sign is critical.  If you have made the right decision, you’ll be working with your new company for many years.  Make sure the foundation of this agreement is right – and make sure your terms will work.  We can save significant dollars with the right negotiation techniques and understanding of the business.
  • Leveraging your current ERP system – Getting the most out of your assets is critical in any business.  The vast majority of customers we know are not using their system efficiently.  Let us help you understand how to use best practices to fully utilize the power that your current system provides.  We understand the players in your industry, and we know the strengths of each provider.  We can squeeze more productivity out of your system to enable growth and reduce costs.



Face it – eCommerce is key for your business.  Without promoting your products and services on the web, you risk obsolescence and relevance.  Having the proper on-line presence is no longer an option – it is a necessity of business today.  We can help you position your company in the eCommerce world; leveraging the tools you may already have in place, or guide you in selecting the right tools for your business in the future.  We offer a broad array of professional services including on-line marketing strategy and management, site analytics, strategic planning, vendor selection and technology evaluation and selection.  We are flexible and can engage the right way to meet your business objectives.


Mobile Web 3

Continued mobile device innovation is changing the way business is being done.  Without a defined strategy, your company risks being left behind – not only by the big box suppliers, but your local competitors as well.  Let us help you define or refine your strategy and map your engagement.  You hold the future in your hand!

Social Media and Marketing

Social Media 4

Relationships are key to your business.  In a distribution world, differentiation at a product level is difficult if not impossible.  The more ways you can touch your customers and engage them with the media that they’re looking for, the more relationships you’ll grow.  Social media is a dynamic and rapidly changing world.  Let us help you plot your path and pick the best methods to move forward with.  Some social media capabilities are becoming “table stakes” if you’re going to be engaged with younger demographics.  Others are not great means to market – knowing the difference is critical.  We can also help you understand how to remain relevant – this isn’t an area where you do it once and go away – you need a plan to remain relevant and use the proper tools to stay that way. 

Business Consulting

Business Consulting 4

Everyone wants to grow their business.  Let our experiences from a dealer and wholesaler perspective help grow your business and improve profitability.  In addition, let us help evaluate means of increasing share of wallet with reduced risk.

There are many ways that we can move the dial for your company and profitability.  

  • Wholesaler Integration and how to leverage
  • Supplier communication and efficiencies
  • Customer requirements from reporting to punch-out communications
  • Create and monitor important business metrics

M&A Activities

M&A 3

Growing your company is important in the current economic environment – it is always critical, but current conditions may present unique opportunities.  Whether you’re looking to acquire a new business, merge with another business, or be acquired, let us help you create the right package – one where everyone wins.   We have experience with customers of all sizes and can help with this complicated and often emotional process.

Succession Planning

Social Media Mainstream

So you’ve been growing your company all of these years, but the next generation in the family owned business aren’t interested in taking over.  There are many options in how this succession can be structured to meet your needs.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced distribution veterans dedicated to growing your company and increasing margins.  We have enabled technology and solutions to hundreds of distributors that are similar to your company.   Growing your company through organic or acquisition means demands use of best practices and understanding your industry.  With over two decades of industry experience at a dealer, a software provider, and a wholesaler perspective, we understand and can leverage your company to exceed your needs and desires. 

T. J. Crayne


What next?

Give us a call at (714) 692-9570 or send an email to to discuss your situation and needs.  The initial consultation is at no charge and we’ll collaborate on a plan of attack and next steps. © PTC Associates, LLC 2013